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Impact Management. Do it yourself toolkit for average NGOs

Partners: 4Change, Portugal; TVA, Turkey; Cromo Foundation, Hungary

Civil society organizations’ (CSOs) action have real impact on societies. However, their accountability and the sustainability of their actions is feeding much discussion. Social impact management, from diagnosis and design, to assessment, strategy or communication is one of the ways that can address these shortcomings. This pilot project wants to explore the state of the art, research for good tools, test, discuss and build capacity on these, to achieve a body of metrics, apps, platforms – and also a step-by-step social impact guide for dummies – that can be shared with the whole Civil Society (CS) Cluster (Bosch Alumni Network) and beyond. Such an approach would also enable reflection on the larger scale vulnerabilities with regard to the sustainability of the civil society sector.

By the end of the project we gathered, tested, discussed a good sample of different metrics and tools, adaptable to various contexts and realities, fairly easy to use, that distillates different experiences around Europe (and beyond) that contribute to civil society’s social impact – and will made it available for Bosch Foundation Network CS Cluster, more in a form of a ‘do it yourself’ toolkit, the final output.

Team: Stefan Cibian (ICF)

Donor: Robert Bosch Stiftung through MitOst.

Departments: Centrul Internațional pentru Afaceri Globale și Postdezvoltare (IC-GAP), Policy Analysis and Outreach Department,

Theme: Management, Civil Society, Philanthropy and Community Development

Regions: Global

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