@HomeinFăgăraș is hosting us and we are very grateful for that! 

@HomeinFăgăraș is a social enterprise that aims to develop a coworking and coliving space in Fagaras town, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, where entrepreneurs, digital nomads, researchers, travelers, or NGO workers can develop their ideas and projects while interacting with a like-minded community of changemakers interested in social impact and development.

@HomeinFăgăraș is a collaboration between three organizations: Maria and Mihai Fratila Foundation, MKBT: Make Better, and the Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation.

Calbor College

Calbor College is a FRI initiative aiming to design a learning space for various educational experiences. The building is currently being transformed into an educational center, comprising learning spaces, library area, the FRI Community Archive, and a hosting space for research and learning residences. 

Calbor College is located in the village of Calbor, a beautiful village near Făgăraș, in Southern Transylvania.