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We 2.0: Experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are at a point where humanity has been taken by surprise by a global pandemic and the need for adaptation is more stringent then before. The consequences are visible at both an individual and a societal level, exposing the impact of a health-related crisis that is triggering an economic one. Experienced changes range from mobility restrictions that led to isolation, a significant transformation of personal habits and need of mental health care, to work places that were closed down  or adapted for remote work, in ways that before were hard to imagine even in utopic visons. We are witnessing an accelerated digitalization and de-bureaucratization of public institutions, a re-invention and adaptation of the business environment, as well as an un precedented mobilization of civil society and volunteer engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the Romanian and global societies to a series of transformations whose positive and negative impact we cannot yet decipher. Therefore, through engaging with personal and professional stories, the project We 2.0, will enable a deeper understanding of lived experiences during the pandemic. This project is going to present a series of stories and interviews related to how the COVID-19 crisis is experienced by students, researchers, civil society leaders, and entrepreneurs.






Cosmin Iliescu

Departments: Research Department, Policy and Outreach Department, Society, Crisis and Resilience Program; Young Researchers Club

Regions: Romania

Topics: Civil society