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The world after COVID-19: Migration and Mobility

The unprecedented lockdown of the entire world is causing damage to the global economy and is also transforming migration and mobility patterns. The project focuses on COVID-19’s impact on migration and mobility and builds on the experience of three previous BAN events that had a migration-related subject. The previous events were held in Thessaloniki, Greece (Feb. 2020), Tirana, Albania (Oct. 2019), and Fagaras, Romania (Aug. 2019).

The aim of the project is to provide an online space for Bosch Alumni Network (BAN) members:

a) to discuss how they can better understand the impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility and
b) to decide on specific projects to further pursue within the context of the BAN.

The project will capitalize on past discussions and project outcomes in order to further build a BAN community around the topic of migration and decide on the next concrete actions in the (post-)COVID-19 context. By inviting migration experts to contribute we aim to have substantive input for better understanding the current context and generate written analysis.

The project consists of a series of online sessions that provide the space for community-building experiences, for generating input for written deliverables on COVID-19 and migration, and for reflection, co-creation, and decisions on future initiatives. An action plan will be generated and teams organized per each project idea.

The three online sessions were held on the following topics:

We also co-organized a two-day Collaborative Workshop on "The world after COVID-19: Migration and Mobility"

The project is implemented in partnership with Ekonomiks, Kosovo and YouthNest, Greece, and is funded by the International Alumni Center, Berlin.


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