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The habits and habitat of the Z-gens

Online (Zoom), August 8, 2020, 18.00-19.30 (Romanian time, in English)

In Romania and Eastern-Europe the Z generation started with kids born in and after 2000. The first cohorts are already entering university and the whole public education system is filled by this active generation, born in the online world, Instagram and Tik-Tok users with a specific community life, short attention span, and entertainment-oriented youngsters. Not a problem-generation as stated many times before, but different from previous generations in many ways.

Our webinar will be an interactive presentation on defining generations, the specific of the newcomer Z-gen in Romania and the educational, media- and content consumer habits of the generation.



Departments/units: Summer School 2020; Educational Programs Department; Research Department, Policy and Outreach Department, Young Researchers Club

Regions: Romania, Central and Eastern Europe

Topics: Education, Teaching, Youth

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