Summer Camp on Research, Conservation, and Restoration of Stone Monuments


Graveyards, irrespective of their religious belonging, represent important research sources for studying various phenomena unfolding in the community where respective graveyards are located. Also, a funeral monument is in itself a historical source and can be often considered artistic and cultural heritage. Therefore, by researching such monuments we can learn much about individual life stories and about the broader community.

Historical research of funeral monuments from a certain graveyard can indicate the demographic evolution of the Jewish population in the respective area, in relation to the socio-political life in specific historical periods.

Conserving and restoring funeral monuments is aimed at safeguarding as well as avoiding their loss. Degradation is a phenomenon that cannot be controlled and which in time affects funeral monuments. It is the obligation of restorers to intervene in time to save such monuments from destruction. Often, emergency interventions are needed in graveyards, given the advanced state of degradation of many funeral monuments.

The Summer Camp consisted in practical activities which took part at the Jewish Cemetery from Făgăraș, as well as in a series of lectures including:

“Jewish Cemeteries: documentation and inventory methods”

Prof. univ. dr. Daniel Dumitran, 1st of December 1918 University, Alba Iulia

“Connecting the Heritage of the Jewish Community from Alba Iulia to the Broader Local Community”

Tudor Drambarean, Alba Iulia Municipality

“Degradation of stone heritage goods. Conservation and Restoration Techniques and Methods”

Sidonia P. Olea, Ph.D. Cand., National Union Museum, Alba Iulia

 «Tales and Traces of Sephardic Bucharest»

Dr. Anca Tudorancea, Center for the Study of Jewish History, Romanian Federation of Jewish Communities, Bucharest

Dr. Constantin Băjenaru, Valeriu Literat Ethnographic Museum of Țara Făgărașului, Făgăraș

Conservation and restoration of funeral monuments. A Case Study: The Jewish Cemetery from Alba Iulia

Sidonia P. Olea, Ph.D. Cand., National Union Museum, Alba Iulia

Departments/units: Summer School 2022, Educational Programs Department, Research Department, Young Researchers Club, CRAI

Region: Făgăraș Country, Romania

Topics: Jewish Studies, History, Anthropology, Heritage