Statehood and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

We invite you to delve into the intricate dynamics of African Statehood and Development in a comprehensive course this August. Tailored for students and individuals interested in international relations and development, this program offers an insightful exploration of Africa’s governance, statehood, and development challenges.

Participants will engage in enriching discussions and curated learning experiences. From understanding the foundations of African statehood to navigating the complexities of development challenges, this introductory course provides a solid framework for grasping key concepts.

Whether new to the subject or seeking to deepen your understanding, this hybrid course offers a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge in an open and inviting environment.

Stefan Cibian, Ph. D., will offer the course in August 2024 as part of the Făgăraș Summer School.

Departments/units: Făgăraș Summer School 2024, Educational Programs Department, Research Club, Center for International Affairs and Postdevleopment

Regions: Africa

Topics: Postcolonialism, International Development, Sustainable Development Goals