Restauration of the roof of the Făgăraș Synagogue


The first step to save the 150 years-old Synagogue from Făgăraș, was taken in December last year. In order to stop the degradation of the building due to bad weather, its roof was repaired. The works were financed by the Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation with the help of a sponsor who donated 15,000 lei.

In July 2021, the restoration of the roof of the Făgăraș Synagogue was planned by the Ambulance for Monuments, the Făgăraș Municipality, and the Ţara Făgărașului Community Foundation.

In a partnership initiated by the Ţara Făgăraș Community Foundation and the Făgăraș Municipality, the building will be transformed into an international cultural center.

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