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Research is Cool and Useful!

Duration: March 2019 – August 2020

Partners: Mihai and Maria Frățilă Foundation

The aim of the project is to build a local culture that relies on evidence-based civic engagement through developing advanced research skills among the youth of Țara Făgărașului.

We aim to form a team of 12 to 17 youth that are interested in addressing local challenges through research and policy analysis. We will provide learning opportunities for the young researchers, as well as an adequate learning space, access to data, and relevant specialized literature.

Research is cool & useful will be implemented in 2019-2020.

Funder: The project is made possible by the financial support offered by the Civic Innovation Fund, a program developed by the Civil Society Development Foundation in partnership with the Romanian-American Foundation, and supported by Enel Romania and Ursus Breweries (

Current team members: Gerogi Georgiev, Ioana Hașu-Georgiev, Oana Lup, Ștefan Cibian, Luminița Faff, Carmen Greab & Victor Porancia.

YRC Members: Alexandru Ionescu, Alexandru Lupu, Andreas, Ciobanu, Bogdan Tamba, Cătălina Tătuc, Ilie-Valentin Dima, Maria Larisa Eni, Marius George Matei, Mihai-Alexandru Ghircoiaș, David Mihăilescu, Paul Stiniguță, Ștefania Pică.

YRC Volunteers: Cosmin Iliescu, Sergiu Mihailescu, Gabriel Pirlogeanu, Andrei Stupu, Alexandru Cosmin, Maria Cucu, Andrei Morar, Cristina Neagoe, Emanuel Vadeanu, Alexandra Florentina Peca, Ionuț Lincariu.

Departments: Research Club

Themes: Youth Work and Policy, Civic Engagement, Philanthropy and Community Development, Education

Regions: Romania, Fagaras Country

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