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Research Camp, Seliștat

The Research Camp was an event of the FRI Research Club. It took place in Seliștat between June 22-23, 2019. The participants had the chance to learn about various aspects related to the practice of research and to develop their presentation skills. The Research Camp is part of the Research is Cool and Useful Project!, which is funded by the Civic Innovation Fund of the Foundation for Civil Society Development.

Team: Oana Lup, Luminita Faff, Paul Stiniguta, Stefania Pica, Gabriel Pirlogeanu, Marius Matei, Alexandru Lupu, Alexandru Ionescu, Maria Eni, David Mihailescu, Mihai Ghircoias, Stefan Cibian, Gerogi Georgiev.

Donor: Fondul pentru Inovare Civică

Department: Research Club

Project: Research is Cool & Useful!

Regions Fagaras Country, Romania

Themes: Research Methods, Innovation, Science & Research, Youth Work and Policy, Civic Engagement

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