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Organizational Network Analysis

Course instructor: Silvia Fierăscu

Format: Workshop

Interval: August 10, 2019, 3 hours

Level: Introductory, practical

Disciplines: Organizational development, change management, people analytics

Course description:

This introductory session provides an overview of applied social network analysis techniques in the fields of organizational development, change management and people analytics.

By the end of it, you will be able to understand the basics of using relational data and make informed choices about mapping formal and informal communication networks, identifying influencers in organizations and learning how to improve and further enable them to empower the organization.

We begin with the practical opportunities and challenges in working with survey and employee data, and then introduce you to network structures, actors’ positions within networks, and the implications of these for different behaviors. Towards the end of the session, we will cover the basics of actionable insights from organizational network analysis.

The session combines workshop-style activities, using real-world examples of organizations which have used organizational network analysis to solve their change management problems. Participants will get hands on experience to work on real data to identify formal and informal communication networks and influencers.

No prior knowledge required.

This course is for those who have heard about network analysis and think it might be a useful toolkit in their own or in other organizations.

Software Requirements

Please bring your own laptop and have Gephi (free software) installed on your machine.

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