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Online course – Spirituality as a tool for international development (in Portuguese)


In this course, you will understand and learn how to work with spirituality as a tool in social and environmental projects, in institutions, in the development of people and communities. The aim of the course is to show the impact and the difference that a spiritual basis can provide for deep, positive, and transformative results in the development, and provide to the participants enough knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to apply it in their work and lives.

It is an online course offered by our colleague Monique Lima Leite, a teacher, independent consultant and expert in development and spirituality, who understands and believes in the importance of combining holistic knowledge and science to change the world.

 The course is divided into 4 parts:

1 – Concepts and development theories: what is spirituality, the differences and similarities between religion and spirituality, spirituality in traditional societies, history and aspects of spirituality in the development field, modernization theory and post-development studies, etc.

2 – Spirituality in development: spirituality in NGOs and development agencies, humanitarian and environmental crises, science and spirituality, etc.

3 – Manifestation of spirituality in modern societies and case studies: spirituality in different areas, such as arts, philosophy, sports, Yoga, meditation, literature, etc.; detailed case studies about development institutions that already applied spirituality as its basis.

4 – Applying the knowledge learned in our institutions, projects, and our lives.

What is included in the course:

– 20 videos with more than six hours of very rich content recorded;

– Activities and extra materials at the end of each lesson;

– Studies of theory and practice, divided into four modules;

– Certificate;

– Interview with experts.

 The course is available only in Portuguese. To apply for it, please access If you are interested in an English version of the course, send an e-mail showing your interest at

Regions: Global

Themes: Spirituality and Religion, International Development, Civil Society

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