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Monday on the Couch: COVID-19 and Impact Management – Tools for enhancing impact

Online (Zoom), February 15, 2021, 18.00-19.30, (EET/Romanian time, English)

On Monday, February 15, we are inviting you to a Monday on the couch conversation on How to measure and prove the impact of small organizations, special in Covid-19 times when we cannot be face-to-face with people we work with and a big part of social problems worsen.

We will tackle questions such as:

How do small and medium-sized organizations deal with the circumstances of a global pandemic?

How can these organizations measure the effectiveness and impact of (disrupted) activities?

Has increased digitalization introduced new techniques or tools in social impact management?

Interested in Social Impact for CSOs? Please register for the event.

With the support of the Bosch Alumni Network, this conversation brings together several perspectives offered by Daniel Sorrosal from Credal – L’argent solitaire/FEBEA – European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers, Zsófia Tornóczi from Cromo Alapitvany – Cromo Foundation, Sandra Oliveira and Vítor Simões from 4Change and Stefan Cibian from the FRI,.


Ștefan Cibian
Zsófia Tornóczi
Sandra Oliveira
Vítor Simões
Daniel Sorrosal Villar

Departments/units: The International Center for Global Affairs and Post-development (C-GAP), Policy Analysis and Outreach Department, COVID-19 and Impact Management: Tools for enhancing civil society impact

Regions: Global

Topics: Philanthropy and Community Development, Civil Society, Management.

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