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MOCI Balkans: Building resilient communities and civil society organizations in the Balkans


FRI joined a newly-established civil society network in the Balkans that brings together various types of innovation-focused organizations from the region: MOCI – Mobile Open Culture and Innovation Hub.

MOCI Hub sees value in strengthening the communities from the Balkans through supporting increased capacity among civic leaders and civil society organizations. However, civil society sectors in the Balkans find themselves in emergence and consolidation phases, implying significant challenges related to values, skills, knowledge, and respect for fundamental freedoms by governments. Furthermore, the Balkans Region brings together countries with various experiences related to totalitarian regimes and transition periods – all of which leave a mark on how local communities function today. Therefore, through the newly-established network, participating organizations aim to build regional programs that strengthen local communities.

Departments: Policy Analysis and Outreach Department, Center on Global Affairs and Post Development

Regions: Europe

Themes: Philanthropy and Community Development, Civil Society