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Mercator Winter Forum 2020

Stiftung Mercator organized the Winter Forum in Essen on January 10-12, 2020. The Forum brought together alumni from the different programs of the Foundation and facilitated discussions on topics such as intercultural youth exchange, civil society, education, migration, advocacy, research and the future of the European Union. Within the Forum Drd. Amarachi Igboegwu held a workshop on inclusive democracy, while Dr. Stefan Cibian held a workshop on civil society sustainability. The Forum also included field visits to organizations such as Vielrespektcentrum Essen, Correctiv, Ruhrmuseum Essen and Folkwang Museum.

Departments: The International Center for Global Affairs and Postdevelopment (IC-GAP), Policy Analysis and Outreach Department

Project: Civil Society Sustainability

Regions: Europe

Themes: civil society, democracy and democratization

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