Mapping the mobilization of the Industry for Good® in countering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, at the level of the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan Area


Our colleagues Silvia Fierăscu Ph.D., Levente Fejes Ph.D., and Stefan Cibian Ph.D. published a chapter in the book Dezvoltare comunitară în România. Concepte, procese, modele de analiză / Community Development in Romania: Concepts, processes, and models of analysis” which appeared at Tritonic in September 2022.

The chapter signed by our colleagues presents a study done on civil society in Cluj-Napoca (in Romanian). The study’s main objective was to analyze Cluj-Napoca’s civil society contribution to countering the COVID-19 pandemic. This main objective is pursued by mapping collaboration networks and understanding mobilization unfold. The study relies mainly on quantitative data, which is the basis of social network analysis, and on qualitative data, both collected through an online questionnaire by the Association for Community Relations and FRI.

In a nutshell, civil society organizations initiated “campaigns to raise funds, map needs in hospitals and communities, purchase and distribute personal protective equipment, medical and testing equipment, and ventilators. Many organizations temporarily stopped their main activity and focused on the fight against COVID-19. During that ad hoc mobilization, partnerships were developed that deserve to be analyzed, understood, and potentially replicated.”

We invite you to read the book which can be purchased here.

Departments: Society, Crisis and Resilience Program, Policy Analysis and Outreach Department, Research Department, Center on Global Affairs and Post Development

Regions: Global, Romania

Themes: Philanthropy and Community Development, Civil Society, Health and Health Policy, European Union, International Development