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Introductory Course in Social Science Research Methods and Research Design

The course Introduction to Social Science Research Methods and Research Design took place in Făgăraș on October 4-5, 2019 and was taught by dr. Oana Lup and dr. Stefan Cibian of ICF. The course was organized by the FRI Research Club as part of the project Research is Cool and Useful!, financed by the Civic Innovation Fund of the Civil Society Development Foundation.

The Course presented an introduction to social sciences, with a focus on research methods and research design and was offered to the young members of the Research Club. This Course will be followed by three other courses in quantitative research methods for social sciences, qualitative research methods for social sciences, and research methods in history.

Data: 4-5  octobre 2019

Team: Oana Lup, Ștefan Cibian, Paul Stiniguță, Andrei Morar, Șefania Pică, Andreas Ciobanu, Alexandru Ionescu, Cosmin Iliescu, Maria Eni, Mihai Ghircoiaș.

Departments: Research Club, Educational Programs Department

Project: Research is Cool and Useful

Regions: Fagaras Country

Themes: Research Methods

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