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Impact Management Tools For Civil Society Organizations

“Impact management: ‘Do It Yourself!’ toolkit for the average CSO” aims to build an inventory of instruments for social impact management tools and to promote them among small and medium CSOs together with a guide so that they can identify the most suitable tools according to their needs.


4Change, Portugalia

Fundația Turcia-Europa, Turcia

Fundația Cromo, Ungaria

Institutul de Cercetare Făgăraș, Romania

Project results

Hollowing Democracy: Lessons Learnt From Central And Eastern Europe For Building Stronger Democracies Globally

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is leaving democracy behind, once again. Three decades of ‘endeavored’ democracy generated an institutional setup that is instrumentalized for its destruction. The Governments and leading parties of most New Member States of the European Union (EU) are following the Russian model of playing democracy while...

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