FRI at the 14th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum


The Black Sea NGO Forum 2021 edition, held in an online format, focused on raising awareness about civil society challenges during the pandemic and on identifying opportunities for further cooperation among civil society organizations at the Black Sea (please see the agenda here).

FRI Executive Director, Stefan Cibian, Ph.D., who is also FOND’s President, moderated the Plenary Session I: Together for action: The contribution of a multi-stakeholder approach towards sustainable democratization processes and sustainable economic development in the Black Sea region.

Keynote speakers and panelists included the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, H.E. Amb. Lazăr Comănescu, Secretary General, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Mr. Cătălin Constantin Harnagea, General Director, Romanian Agency for International Development Cooperation (RoAid), Mr. Michael Rupp, Principal Administrator DG NEAR – Eastern Partnership, C.1. Teamleader, European Commission, Mr. Radoslaw Darski, Deputy Head of Division, European Commission (EEAS) – Eastern Partnership, Regional Cooperation and OSCE Division, and Mr. Adrian Lupușor, Executive Director, Expert-Grup, National Facilitator for Moldova, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

The speakers highlighted the importance of civil society for a prosperous and peaceful region and underscored challenges related to sustainability and security at the Black Sea. They also focused on how more robust multi-stakeholder approaches could contribute to the cohesion of common interests in the region.

The event was organized by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND, with the financial support of the European Commission and in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Departments: Policy Analysis and Outreach Department, Center on Global Affairs and Post Development

Regions: Romania, Europe

Themes: Black Sea, Civil Society, COVID-19, Democracy and Democratization, European Union, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, International Development, Security and Peacebuilding