Sounds of Făgăraș

Sounds of Făgăraș

Format: Workshop.

Interval: August 13-14, 2019 (2 days, 1.5 hours/day).

Level:  Intermediate, college level and higher.

Disciplines: Interdisciplinary workshop.


Course description:

The workshop invites participants to reflect on sounds and practices of listening as useful tools for understanding issues from the present day or from the past. This is an experimental interdisciplinary workshop open for participants of all backgrounds.

The workshop is separated in two sessions.

The first session is dedicated to a general introduction of studying sound mainly from the perspective of the history of sound recording and broadcasting technology. After introducing some main notions from the field of sound studies, the workshop switches to an interdisciplinary mode presenting examples of the importance of sound in disciplines such as physics, arts, architecture, history, ethnography, biology, environmental studies.

The instructor will start the discussion with a short presentation on the importance of noise in studying Cold War history. After that, all participants are expected to discuss meaningful sounds in their specific professional field or to analyze the aural environment of their daily life. At the end of the first session all participants will receive an individual/team task: to record 5 min. sounds from a particular place in Făgăraș using smart phones.

The second session begins with listening the recorded sounds of Făgăraș and presentations from all participants/teams. Each presentation has to include specific details about the environment and the listening experience. After presenting the results of their tasks, the participants are encouraged to have an informal discussion about how interdisciplinary teams can work together on projects related to Făgăraș, its natural environment, architecture, culture, and history.

Course environment: Făgăraș, outdoor.

Course instructors

Georgi Georgiev

Drd. Georgi Georgiev Research Fellow Georgi Georgiev is a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative History at the For instance, computer games which will be of benefit that

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