Social Entrepreneurship Brainstorming Boot Camp

Social Entrepreneurship Brainstorming Boot Camp

Format: Workshop.

Interval: August 13, 2019 

Level: Introductory.

Disciplines: Social Impact/Entrepreneurship, Community Development.

Audience: Participants who are familiar with the challenges their communities are facing and are exploring various solutions to these issues; potential social entrepreneurs – no prerequisites needed.

Workshop description:

We all have a myriad of entrepreneurial ideas but deciding which one to develop and how is always a challenge. One of the biggest provocations early stage social entrepreneurs are facing is the lack of access to reliable feedback during the exploration stages of their ideas. Being part of a setting where these concepts are deconstructed, questions asked, options discussed, and plans validated represents crucial support many budding change makers don’t have access to.

This Brainstorming Boot Camp is designed to offer this invaluable and timely support. We aim to bring together a group of 10 early stage social entrepreneurs who will challenge each other’s visions, missions, assumptions and aspirations, offer feedback and suggestions, and strategize about next steps. The dynamic of the discussions and interactions are facilitated and coordinated by experienced social entrepreneurs.


This highly interactive session aims to help the budding social entrepreneurs clarify their vision, mission and next steps, get specific feedback from their peers, identify and discuss potential challenges, and test their assumptions and goals.   

Course instructor

Mihai Pătru

Mihai Pătru, M.A. Research Fellow Mihai Pătru started his professional career as a diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. He was awarded

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