Research in Action: Using data strategically in campaign advocacy

Research in Action: Using data strategically in campaign advocacy

Format: Workshop.

Interval: August 11-12, 2019 (3h/day).

Level: Introductory/mid-level.

Disciplines: Research, Advocacy, Campaigning, Strategy, Communication, Citizen engagement.

Audience: Accessible to all audiences.

Course description:

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your community? Did you ever think you would like your research to be able to have an actual social or political impact? Our workshop Research in Action: Using data strategically in campaign advocacy” gives you the practical steps you need to follow to achieve this.

The training is structured into 5 sessions aimed to run you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of organizing a campaign, with a particular focus on how to collect data, use it and communicate it strategically to your target audiences to reach your campaigns’ goals.

Course instructor

Irina Toma (Sustainability Consultant (EPM Sustainability), Associate Consultant, Agriculture and Rural Development Policy (Highclere Consulting))

Irina Toma developed EPM Sustainability in 2016 as a consultancy focused on providing organizations with the right policy knowledge, supply chain data and strategic direction needed to develop to sustainable production and consumption systems.

Over 7 years of working experience in various European and international projects focused on research, ESG data, policy and strategy development for sustainable global agri-food and textile supply chains. Since 2018, Irina has worked as an Associate Consultant at Highclere Consulting in Brasov Romania, where she has coordinated the policy recommendations work package of the SALSA H2020 project. She also works as a researcher and Living Lab Monitor in the AGRILINK Multi-Actor Project focused on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems.

Previously Irina held several management positions in Amsterdam. As Data Report Services department manager at the Global Reporting Initiative, she developed data services based on a 30,000 CSR reports database according to the GRI reporting methodology. She has also worked as a campaign researcher at Fairfood International, where she conducted supply chain research in the Philippines, Central America and Madagascar. She has also participated in various business and technology projects, such as the EIT ClimateKIC Entrepreneurship summer school.

Irina holds and MSc in Sustainable Development at Utrecht University specialized in Environmental Policy Analysis and Research, and a Hons BA in Social Science at University College Utrecht