Intro to radios: so much more than music and talk shows

Intro to radios: so much more than music and talk shows

Format: Workshop.

Interval: August 12-13, 2019 (2 days).

Level: Introductory.

Disciplines: Computer science, physics, technology.

Audience: Teens and adults with an interest in technology and learning how things like WiFi, contactless payment, RFID, and Bluetooth work.

Course description:

The workshop will cover the very basics of what radios waves are, how they are used in different protocols, and where they are used in modern technology. There will be some live demos to make the topic more fun and accessible, including possibly using wireshark (a network monitoring software to look at WiFi), a loop antenna to pick up far away AM radio broadcasts, and paper cup radios (because they are fun).

The format would start with input and slides/ handouts to cover the physics and tech, then would be more interactive. This would be easiest mostly done inside, but the loop antenna would need to be out doors, on either dirt or pavement to act as a reflector.

Course instructor

Rose Regina Lawrence

Rose Regina is a digital security educator based in Berlin, Germany. She has worked with communities, human rights lawyers, programmers, and large tech companies to help them better understand the social and safety implications of technology choices from architecture design to individual use choices.