Workshop on Oral History Research

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  • Wednesday | August 16, 2023
  • 11:45 am

August 16, 2023, from 11.45 to 13.15  (Romanian time, in English, hybrid format)

The workshop is an introduction to oral history, a method of studying the past from the perspective of ordinary people. Oral history gives voice to overlooked actors of the past and brings to front personal stories often missing in mainstream narratives, media, or history textbooks. It is, at the same time, an accessible methodology that requires skills in listening, asking questions, and storytelling. The workshop includes a discussion after the film Ostarbeiters (Ales Lapo, Belarus, 23 min) and a presentation by Ioana Hașu-Georgiev, who studied the stories of women persecuted during the communist regime in Romania.


Curs – Workshop on Oral History Research

Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D.

Curs – Workshop on Oral History Research

Ioana Hașu-Georgiev M.A.

Departments/units: Summer School 2023, Educational Programs Department, Research Department, Young Researchers Club, CRAI – Center for Anti-communist Resistance and History

Regions: Global, Făgăraș Country