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Daring New Spaces – Summit on the European Public Sphere


FRI Executive Director Stefan Cibian took part together with over 100 participants at the Daring New Spaces Summit on the European public sphere on December 10, 2020. In keynotes and debates, and listening to pitches and poetry, the participants envisioned what Europe and its public sphere could and should look like in 2025. The event culminated with Dr. Cibian and Dr. Palonen interviewing Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth (DE), and Tiago Antunes, Secretary of State Assistant to the Prime-Minister (PT).

The Summit was a joint event of Das Progressive Zentrum Berlin in partnership with the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and Stiftung Mercator. The Summit is a part of the Daring New Spaces Project which aims at developing ideas to foster a European Public Sphere.

Departments: Society, Crisis and Resilience Program, Policy Analysis and Outreach Department

Regions: Europe

Themes: Civil Society, Philanthropy and Community Development, European Union


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