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Communication of science to the general public – Noaptea cercetatorilor 2021(Researchers night 2021)


An interactive workshop in which we discuss channels, ways, and methods to communicate to the general public the results of scientific research. Supported by Dr. Sorin Cebotari. In this event, together with Sorin, we will discuss how to facilitate the access of scientific arguments to the general public. We will analyze the structure of popular science articles and discuss possible strategies for involving journalists and opinion leaders in communicating scientific arguments.

Sorin Cebotari is a researcher in the field of social sciences and sustainable development. As the founder and coordinator of the project, Sorin is concerned with communicating scientific arguments about climate change to the general public. In this sense, Sorin coordinates a network of Romanian researchers who | reinvent themselves | academic arguments in a language more accessible to the general public and thus contribute to increasing the quality of public dialogue on climate change.

Key audience: Researchers and scientists from different domains

Participation in the Summer School activities is free of charge, and we invite you to register here.

This is an event within the project “ReCoN-nect – The Green Deal: Research communication to CommuNities”, funded by the program H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2020bis, G.A. no. 101036166 and is part of the Researchers’ Night 2021 campaign.

Departments: Research Department, Făgăraș Researchers Club, Educational Programs Department, FRI Publishing House

Regions: Romania, Fagaras Country

Themes: Civil Society, Philanthropy and Community Development, History, Youth Work and Policy