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AIESEC 26: A Family Reunion

AIESEC Brașov turned 26! Congratulations AIESEC Brașov!

We had the pleasure to join the celebration, which was an excellent experience that showed us how much a group of motivated young people can do for the community and for the world when there is the right context to enable their development.

Dr. Stefan Cibian was invited to address the present AIESEC Brașov members, alumni and guests and also to facilitate a panel on the

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the panel we had the pleasure to meet AIESEC members who dedicate their time to contribute to the 2030 Agenda and to learn about their SDG experiences in Romania as well as in other countries in Europe and South America.

AIESEC Brașov is also active in Făgăraș through a partnership with the YouthBank Program of the Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation. We are extremely glad that youth from Făgăraș have the chance to collaborate with AIESEC Brașov!

*A special thank you to AIESEC Brașov for the invitation to join the event.

Departments: The International Center for Global Affairs and Postdevelopment (IC-GAP), Policy Analysis and Outreach Department

Regions: România,  Fagaras Country

Themes: Youth Work and Policy, Civil Society,  Sustainable Development Goals

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