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Africa – Central and Eastern Europe Relations

Africa – Central and Eastern Europe relations are more complex than one would recognize at first. The two regions have much more in common than is apparent today. First, during the Cold War, CEE countries have supported in various ways the liberation movements of African countries, their development, and benefited from fairly extensive trade relations. Second, many African students studied and continue to study, although the numbers are much smaller, in CEE countries, generating profound cultural connections. Third, both regions have a tumultuous past, sharing experiences such as societal traumas, wars, and ruthless regimes.

The Project Central and Eastern Europe’s Relations with Africa: Learning about the past, re-imagining the future aims to bring an interdisciplinary approach to studying the connections, challenges and opportunities in the relations between the to regions. In doing so the project will relay on contributions from history, literature, international relations and political science, etc.

Team: Ștefan Cibian, Monica Popescu, Elizabeth Maloba, Annamarie Bindenagel Šehović, Laura Ranca

Departments: The International Center for Global Affairs and Postdevelopment (IC-GAP), Research Department, Policy Analysis and Outreach Department

Regions: Africa, Europa, Central and Eastern Europe

Themes: Security and peacebuilding, International Development, Sustainable Development Goals, Economy and trade, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, European Union

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