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10th Global Diplomacy Lab – Collaborating to Realize the Potential of the Demographic Dividend in Africa: An Introduction to Ghana and Africa

Dr. Stefan Cibian took part in the 10th Global Diplomacy Lab which took part in Accra, Ghana, on June 16-19, 2019. The topic of the Lab was Collaboration for realizing the potential of the demographic dividend in Africa. Ghana was selected as a case study for better understanding African perspectives on the topic of the Lab. The next meeting of the Lab will take place in Berlin and has the aim to generate solutions that the German Federal Foreign Office, the 2019 Challenge Holder, can use in further consolidating its relations with African countries.

Departments: The International Center for Global Affairs and Postdevelopment (IC-GAP),Policy Analysis and Outreach Department


Africa – European Union Relations: A common future?

Central and Eastern Europe’s Relations with Africa: Learning about the past, re-imagining the future

Regions: Africa, Europe

Themes: Foreign Policy and Diplomacy,  International Development

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